20. January 2021
I have been coaching a small group of people for the last 10 months during lockdown. Little by little, I have been introducing more and more artistic practice. It has been interesting to move beyond a simple paint night pastime to introducing concept and idea. I hope that it has been and will be fun and give my group an outlet during these very trying times. This week, alcohol ink!
10. August 2019
Hello all, I finally am settled enough in my new place to post my version of 'burning man'. Some of my work would not transport well, so I decided to create a new art piece from a few of them, really a performance piece. I am happy to say that they met their end in a spectacular fashion thanks to all my helpers and spectators. Enjoy the show on my Facebook page.
08. November 2018
At the Legacy section of the gallery showing two paintings in a group show until January 2019
14. September 2018
Feeling pretty good about finally getting it right. I have been working for the last 2 months, trying out new techniques with materials and many ruined canvases later (lots of paint down the sink), I feel that I am finally getting somewhere. For a change, I am anxious to get back into the studio and work, the hours fly by.
18. May 2017
Finally I am ready to post my work on this website. I have been working and thinking about this site for half a year, trying to decide if it is ready. It will never be 'ready', so I might as well jump into the cloud.