I strive for a balance in my work that I find lacking in the world.  To try to keep an equilibrium is the most satisfying state of being.  Yet to create tension is also part of the process. I tend to follow lines of thought until they are played out and then rarely go back to them, done is done.

In the restoration and healing of damaged and flawed materials, I look to highlight the breakage and find the beauty in the midst of ruin. I try to take damage and deterioration and re balance the work until a state of equilibrium can be achieved. 

In life, this is the essence of resilience, also reflecting the philosophy of wabi-sabi; embracing the flaws and imperfections of the human  experience.  


There is satisfaction in combining materials that do not naturally mix.  Lately my work ponders these contrived relationships.




As a young child, I immigrated to Ontario from Cleveland Ohio where I was born . My father began the first plaster mold cast foundry in Toronto, the first year we came to Canada. Ironically enough, this was located on McCaul Street on the site facing the present Art Galley of Ontario. This foundry has dominated most of my life in one form or another.

 After an inauspicious career as an elementary teacher I had the good sense to leave. I attended York University, and studied Fine Arts and History of Art. Along the way I returned to teaching to make a living. I was a secondary school art department head and curriculum leader for 15 years, then continued as an administrator. During this time, I have continued my work in sculpture and some painting.

Although my middle name could be ‘hiatus’, I have again resumed working and thinking about those images that never seem to leave me. Some works, I have begun 10 or more years ago and have finally solved their riddle; others have been slowly taking shape in mind. I live near Orangeville and have set up my studio there.





Headwaters Arts Gallery, "Raising the Bar" 2021

 John B Aird Gallery, SCULPTURE_2021

Headwaters Arts Gallery, "Relaunch 2021"

 Newmarket Art Gallery, "Winter Show"   2021


Headwater's Arts Gallery,  "In the Mix" group virtual exhibit 2020

Newmarket Juried Art Show 2020 


Artist Coop Owen Sound,  Guest Artist,  2018


The Art Gallery of Peel, "Entropy New Work",    1996


Cornelius Parkway Arts Centre, North York Group Exhibition, 1993


Cyril Clark Art Centre, solo show, 1990

Round Up, Niagara Street, Toronto, 1989


IDA Gallery, " Surfacing",  1988

IDA Gallery, New works in sculpture,   1987



York University, BFA

Visual Arts Specialist Edu




  L.L. Odette Sculpture Award



Headwaters Arts, e-flash July 2021

John B Aird, SCULPTURE_2021

Orangeville Citizen, November 2021